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Mit 100 Sachen durch Hamburg


At 100 places throughout the city you can find out more about Hamburg’s history by discovering some exciting exhibits from the Historic Museums Hamburg. From pirate Störtebeker’s skull in the HafenCity and the chocolate vending machines in Altona, to the galleon figureheads on the piers: these objects will guide you through the city and show you Hamburg in a different light. Historical photographs and pictures from the museum collections complement the stories and show how different places in the city have changed over the course of time. With this app you can also put together your own tour through the Hamburg Museum, the Altonaer Museum, the Museum der Arbeit, the Hafenmuseum, the Jenisch Haus, the Speicherstadtmuseum or the Kramer-Witwen-Wohnung. You can choose how to get started – via a map, which shows you where you are by using GPS, or via a gallery, which shows you more information about each different exhibit.